The mission of The Hitch Chantilly is to provide a dining experience that brings the coastal delights to the suburban regular. Our chefs and mixologists develop a menu that is simple but honors the bounty of the coastal regions of America through fresh and simple cuisine. The Hitch is styled in an ambiance of relaxed sophistication with service that delights and entertains. Our goal is to become our guests’ favorite, around-the-corner connection for food, spirits, music and celebration.

Brews & Bands

Stay in tune with live shows & local draughts.
Live Music At Hitch


The Hitch keeps it live and local as we present performances from a variety of artists and genres two nights a week. Admission is free so mark your calendar for music at The Hitch on Thursday & Friday.

Take a seat and enjoy the musical artistry of local and touring musicians playing acoustic, pop, rock and R&B. We’ll be ready with happy hour and late night specials to complete the show.

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A word from our Chef.

Chef Mente Lawson brings over 15 years of restaurant experience to The Hitch. Chef Lawson’s style encompasses both his southern roots and his classic French training. His expertise strongly leans toward seasonal cooking that is tailored to appeal to the local diners and insiders that have supported his restaurants throughout his culinary career. Having earned success in many great cities known for distinguished food and wine, Chef Lawson sees his life-career as both a chance to create delicious treats for his guests as well as an opportunity to teach the world about the bevy of culinary experiences he has accumulated through his storied career. Today, Chef Lawson continues to impress the palates of VIPs by dazzling upper brass members of the government including those at The Pentagon, JSOC, and even all the way up to the Commander-in-Chief himself. Guests of Chef Lawson can routinely witness his loyalty and admiration for his mentor, the master-teacher Jean-Louis Palladin, through homages in the form of daily specials that are often listed as “Ode to Palladin”.

Mente Lawson

Hitch’s Executive Chef


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